RMCO Testimony

RMCO Testimony

by Sis. Alice Looi

One Sunday during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) which took effect from 10-Jun-2020 until 31-Aug-2020 after Malaysia successfully contained the spread of Covid-19, I went out to a grocery store near my house in USJ19 for some groceries. I did not have my mobile phone with me as the battery was low and I assumed it would be a quick trip.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a little crowd at the store. I promptly had my ID and temperature taken as required by the contact tracing SOP and went into the store to purchase all my items. I did my light shopping quickly for just a few essential items and proceeded back to my car that was parked quite a distance away.

As usual, I opened the car door and after keeping my groceries in the car, I tried to start the engine but nothing happened. I tried again and again, but the engine simply refused to come to life. I started to panic as my anxious thoughts started to creep in - how am I going to get back home, I would be missing the 10:00am Online Worship Service, and how much is it going to cost me for the car repair?

If I had my mobile phone, I could “Grab” my way back, but I didn’t. I looked at the street for someone to help me but it was empty. In my hopelessness, I asked God: “God, You are going to send someone to help me, right?” I paused and I asked again: “Right?” Ermm…

And I decided that I would wait.

Then I saw a Chinese man who was beside a Yokohama Car Battery workshop, and he was carrying out some cleaning jobs. I quickly went up to him and asked for help. I came to realize that he is the owner of the workshop and that God had sent someone who knew exactly how to solve my car issues. I thanked God so much for answering my prayer.

Apparently, it was due to the loose connection of the cable to the battery. After the man had fixed my car to be in working conditions, and didn’t ask for anything in return, I thanked him profusely. As I drove my car home, I was overwhelmed by the amazing love and care that God showered upon me. I realized that in our faithfulness to God, He will surely provide the appropriate help we need at the right time.

I felt compelled to write this short testimony to give thanks to God for His providence to me, and I want to say that we should always put our trust and hope in Him because He cares for us. In life we may have many problems, but we should always have faith in Him.