Serving the Little Ones

Serving the Little Ones

by Sis. Yin

This is the salvation story of a little girl.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named YiengYin. She came from a simple and ordinary family. Her family loved her, and she loved her family too. She had little knowledge of who Jesus was until she met her best friend in her Primary Year 2.

Then, something amazing happened when YiengYin became good friend with HuiLing. HuiLing loved Jesus and she always shared the amazing story of Jesus Christ with YiengYin. HuiLing brought some kids’ version of gospel tracts to school and let YiengYin read. She shared with YiengYin that Jesus was a wonderful Friend and Saviour. She also told YiengYin that Jesus loved her, and if YiengYin was willing, she could make Jesus her special friend too.

One day, HuiLing invited YiengYin and another good friend of theirs, MeeHuong, to her church’s Children Sunday School. On one special Sunday morning, both YiengYin and MeeHuong went and joined HuiLing at her church’s Children Sunday School. That very day turned out to be an extraordinary experience.

The two new girls actually got lost after attending the Children Sunday School class. They were supposed to get on to the church van to join the worship service with the adults. How did they got lost? Nobody knew but God definitely knew! They ended up seeking help from the members of another nearby church. To cut the story short, HuiLing and her church friends managed to find the ‘lost girls’ and sent them back home safely on that day. Jesus came to seek and save the lost! The two girls who lost their way to the church were found by God a few years later.

God has His special plans for YiengYin, HuiLing, and MeeHuong. The three little girls in the story have grown up to be who God makes them to be today. They are still growing (not up but old) to love God and obey Him even till today.

YiengYin grew up to be a pastor's wife many years later after the story above. This little girl is Teacher Yin who loves teaching God's words to the children. I am pretty sure by now you would probably know why Teacher Yin enjoys so much what she does on most of her Saturday afternoons. She has personally experienced the salvation story through her childhood best friend, HuiLing. I think HuiLing's Sunday School teachers must have done an exceedingly great job in raising up little disciples of Christ Jesus. So much so that HuiLing at her very young age, was compelled to share the Gospel message with her best friends. That's really God's amazing grace.


This is my journey of how I came to what I am doing today: serving the little ones. Well, you may be thinking, “That must be God's gifting upon you in the children ministry”. It is not quite so. Honestly, I am never quite sure of what specific gifts or talents God has bestowed upon me from Day 1. It is more of seeing the needs in this ministry and respond to the needs by faith and obedience. I am learning to serve the children little by little, through trials and errors. When God calls you to a specific ministry, it is a life-giving experience, no matter how tough the work can be and how much time and sacrifice it may cost you. The more I serve in the children ministry, the more joy I experience.

Let me share with you the 3 profound blessings I experience as I serve in GMSJ Children Ministry:

#1: His Joy and Creativity

God sustains me with His joy and creativity as I devote myself into this challenging children discipleship ministry. Teaching adults and teaching children are two different things. To engage the children effectively in any learning session is tough but not impossible. I must learn to speak in their language and at their level. To set the children into 'ready' learning mode, it requires some sort of planning and structure. Despite how challenging it is, God fills me with His joy and creativity in serving the children ministry. It is He who gives me the joyful high spirit in engaging children through activities, singspiration, and biblical teaching. It is He who inspires me to stretch my creativity in preparing fun teaching aids. It turns out to be an innovative adventure for me. I borrow from my children their toys as my teaching aids. God looks at our hearts; if you are willing to serve Him with the right attitude, God will bless you with the skills set needed in the ministry.

#2: Passion for His Word

As I prepare the Bible lesson, I spend hours into expounding the Word of God. Never have the Word of God come so alive to me than before. I started to see things through God's perspective, especially on the human nature, human relation with God, and ultimately God's attributes. It's like connecting the dots of God, man, and the world. The implication is I grow deeper in faith and obedience. The understanding of God's Word allows me to experience God holistically. I grow to love His Word more. God's Word is so deep and profound that nobody can completely know it all. That is also why Christians are to read His Word daily. I may have read the whole Bible many times, but there is always fresh new message I receive from God through the Scripture. Teaching God's Word to the little ones is a joy for me. It is through the biblical teaching that our children get to form their biblical worldview. Only the Gospel message in the Bible can transform our children at the heart level, which is the most essential in developing a child's faith in God.

#3: Relearn the child-like faith

Being a Sunday School teacher, I find great pleasure of interacting with the children. Through these interactions I have with them, they actually have become my great teachers. I learn so much from them: their simplicity, their innocence, and their child-like faith. These qualities are rarely found among the adults. I love their curiosity and their courage to ask questions. Every time they learn something new about God, the spark in their eyes is my greatest reward. I can literally see the light bulb illuminates brightly over their heads whenever faith lesson is being taught to them. The children have demonstrated to me their greater trust in God. On top of that, they show me how big their hearts can be for God. We grown-ups are easily occupied with many things. We even have a high potential of compartmentalizing God into the smallest drawer of our hearts. But to the children, their God is so big. Their God is everything they ever need at all.


Now let me guide you into a simple thinking exercise with these 3 facts:

Fact #1: Children are our future leaders.

Fact #2: Children are in our church now but they may not be in our church in the future.

Fact #3: Children are in our church now and they shall be in our church in the future.

Fact #1 is an undeniable fact. Our children will somehow grow up to be leaders in any arena in the future.

Now I want you to ponder on Fact #2 and Fact #3.

To make Fact #2 happens, there is nothing you and I need to do with our children.

To make Fact #3 happens, only if our children are being nurtured as little disciples of Jesus now. You and I have a vital role in this work as both parents and the church where the children belong.

Our Lord Jesus, amidst His busiest ministries, gave His tender loving care and attention to the children. But His disciples were trying to stop the children from taking too much of Jesus' time. Jesus received the little ones and blessed them tenderly. Thus, we are to heed the call and give ourselves to teach God's way to the children. (Proverbs 22:6). Teaching the children in Sunday School may not be a glamorous ministry as compared to other on-the-stage ministries. But let me assure you, it is indeed a rewarding journey in shepherding our children.

Remember YiengYin's story? She won't be who she is today if HuiLing's Sunday School teachers did not nurture her to be a little disciple of Christ back then.